Future of Linux User Groups

Mel Walters
Keep repeating the same again and again and expecting different results.
(definition by Albert Einstein)

Being Remarkable

Peoples' expectations have changed. The new normal is remarkable,
or something worthy of remark. Call it weird, normal is just plain boring. Authenticity
is also a must.
I propose we stop being boring or irrelevant; and remarkable will become easier with practice.

What Can We Do?

Here are a few ideas:
At our last meeting I saw a passion in some to experiment, to try out new. They may be among our future leaders? All it takes is joining our mailing list,
and your involvement qualifies you as a Tier I member of CLUG
People are telling me that meeting in person is still important. Lets face it, we must have fun while doing it.
The future looks bright for CLUG, to anyone willing to collaborate in doing what's needed. Complicated has to get easier and easier, do more with less!