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Solyd XK Linux Review

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

At First Glance

After being told about this distribution by someone who was looking to scratch their own itch, I thought it well worth considering.

An up to date Debian Testing based Linux system with limited or controlled updates. Debian Stable based Solyd XK (back office and business editions) are also available for download. Live boot/install ISO for USB or DVD.

Solyd K Linux

I started by installing Solyd K Linux to virtual-box on my Debian Wheezy workstation. Boot-loader didn’t seem to catch first time but second install was good. My only comment would have to be so far everything has turned out well. Strange in fact because I could think of nothing to nit pick about. A very decent project.  I installed a few extra programs, and their Graphical User Interface actually worked. It seemed bent on making all the correct decisions , no errors or hidden errors. Not only that, but the package manager seemed pleasantly free of annoying habits. I did not fully expect that.

Solyd X Linux

A day or two later I install Solyd X Linux via virtual-box. This time no issues again. I like the minimalist type install, but will have to customize by extra programs to get to my taste of minimum needed functions. Their Fonts category has proven handy. Video driver for virtual machine was able to allow resizing of virtual screen on the fly. Other distributions I have tried could not do this.


The Operating System itself seems solid (solyd?) I tried installing Solyd X on an Asus EEEbox.

Working sound, video, network, printers, etc. I listened and watched some of the news or video in v machine and the EEEbox. Only a limitation I am thinking of so far is in virtual box video acceleration, not in Solyd Linux actually.

I will be helping with two real metal installs tomorrow on a laptop and full workstation. An update is possible in a day or so, as my client has high expectations for functionality and easy updates.

One of the systems had a hardware or BIOS setting install problem. I will let you know in a day or two.

Sorry that a timely update was not possible. My customer had his workstation (3 yrs old from memory express) a checkup and a BIOS update while they were at it. They found not hardware problems, but let me try another Solyd install after the BIOS update. This time the installed was successful. Both systems have been performing well.

The only real glitch was the driver detector wanted to install an accelerated ATI driver for the workstation and we lost Xwindow. I was able to recover use of the generic open source driver by renaming the /etc/X11/xorg.conf (same as having no config file).

ie: mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.notworking

I’ve not yet investigated what is going on here.