CLUG Frequently Asked Questions

What is CLUG?
CLUG is the Calgary Linux Users Group Guild. We are an organization dedicated to promoting the Linux operating system in the Calgary area. You can find a bit more information about us by reading our Bylaws.

When was CLUG formed?
Officially we were formed in 1998 by a few interested people. In 2003 we registered with the Alberta Government as a society.

How many members does CLUG have?
It is hard to say exactly since our members are not obligated to signup or pay for memberships but we have about 65 active (Tier 2) members and 175 subscriptions to our mailing list.

Why is CLUG a society?
It was felt that the group should be moved forward. Registering as a Society is a step in the right direction. It inherently makes us more organized and promotes the goal of trying to make the group better. We are a recognized entity now instead of a free-roaming bunch of individuals. Businesses and Government are likely to take us more seriously. We also hope to attain Charity status so that we may have the ability to issue tax-receipts in order to encourage our sponsors to give more to us.

Who is on the Executive Board?
We have a specific page for this under About CLUG!

How do I become an Executive Board Member?
First, there are four core Executives; President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Secondly, there are currently two appointed Executives; Events Coordinator and Communication Coordinator.

According to our Bylaws, you must be a Tier Two member in good standing. You must either be nominated prior to the Annual General MeetingĀ  for one of the core Executive positions or appointed by the Executive to one of the at-large Executive positions.

A term lasts one year from one AGM to the next. We currently do not have a set number of terms of office for the Executive Board.

When is the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?
According to our Bylaws, an Annual General Meeting must be held within the first quarter of the year.

Who can be a CLUG Sponsor?
Sponsors are designated in accordance with our Sponsorship Guidelines.