Book Review Policy

CLUG encourages our members to review books that may be of use to the Linux and Open Source communities. These reviews will then be published on the CLUG website.

CLUG has enrolled in book review programs with O’Reilly Press & No Starch Press. This allows us to request books from them for review by our members. In return we publish your review on the CLUG website and provide copies of your review to the publisher and allow them to publish or excerpt the review.

Any CLUG member can publish a book review but only Tier-2 members may request books from our sponsors for review. Being able to make a book request is one of the benefits of having Tier-2 membership.

After the review has been published the reviewer may keep the review copy if they wish.

For those Tier-2 members that request a book book to review we ask that:
* The review be done in a timely fashion – 60 days from your receipt of the book
* You allow the publisher to reproduce your review in whole or in part as they desire.

Slashdot has some thoughts on what goes into writing a good bookreview.