June 5 CalgaryLUG Meeting

CLUG Meeting June 5 – 6:15 to 8:30 PM – Nicholls Family Library

You can download Tomas’s CLUG Presentation at: https://lab.florian.ca/ and those who attended appreciated how pertinently he filled in the group with his questions and answers. Interesting talk, it made you think.

Tomas Florian has previously done a couple talks at Calgary Linux Users Group (VoIP and Ceph). This should prove to be an enjoyable evening. Thanks again Tomas for giving this talk! Note: seating limited to 40.

Last scheduled meeting before Summer break!

Date: June 5, 2019 — 6:15 to 8:30 PM


Nicholls Family Library
Nicholls Family Library Program Room — (on second floor) seating – 40
1421 33 Street SW

Calgary AB T3C 1P2

The Nicholls Family Library is located in Westbrook CTrain Station.
There is parking near the building and drop off area near NNW side.

This Library’s web site seems able to give directions:


Topic: AI for beginners from a beginner – Open Source AI for Generalists

Recently I saw a demo of AI technology that could count the number of people in a security camera video feed.  I thought it was pretty cool and started Googling “how did they do that?”. First I came across scientific papers that require you to have an advanced math degree to understand, but soon I stumbled across a whole other class of open source projects that are pre-packaged and ready to go with zero math.   If you can handle the level of complexity roughly equivalent to compiling a Linux program from source, you can also start using powerful AI today.

I’m sure it will be interesting to many of your members.

Tomas Florian Principal IT Consultant Florian Consulting Inc. Cell: (403) 714-3914 tomas@florian.ca


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