Calgary Linux Users Meeting — April 4, 2018

 Parking: For those want to travel by car

The Lot on the east side of the Library building does extend to the West side so you should likely find a spot. You will have to leave the way you came in. I did not see an entrance on the west lot. Handicapped Parking is available.

Place: Louise Riley Library — Meeting Room 1

This meeting room is located across the parking lot in a separate building from Louise Riley Library. The address is 1920 14 Ave NW. My mark pin did not stick yet so just look for the building a little north of the Library

Time: 5:40 to 8:00 PM booked

Meeting to start by 6:00 PM


  • A Very Popular Linux Mint Computer Operating System – Programs Included

An honest commentary  from John who was searching for a solid replacement form Windows 7 before support is pulled by MS


We have started exploring for our selves rather than telling others what to do.

  • Tinkering at electronic tools toward collaborative meetings….
  • Inclusivity goes well with GNU/Linux, FLOSS, variety and collaboration
  • No need to discourage peoples silos of interests
  • safety/security concerns
  • We are see a diverse group starting to build. Mm, this should be interesting


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