Monthly General Meeting — April 5, 2017

Meeting Time: 17:30 to 19:30

Is it easy to see the Club the way we want it?

Personally, I have been reevaluating many things including technology, Linux, Nature Walks, getting grounded and Keeping It Simple. More on this, I find not taking some risk more risky relating to my tech life. (avoiding the big ruts in my roads)

I will do what I will do. The Club… we will see.

Also, what is untenable?

Mailing lists have been too quite, but the meeting is still on (the room was booked towards the beginning of the month).

  • added Tuesday Apr 4 — btrfs-progs v 4.8.5
  • I am about to do some more tinkering with Butter FS in the next month or two. Would be fun to do a live demo of btrfs raid array if people find this of interest.
  • Starting off with the mystery btrfs raid1 three (usb) drives.
  • And a way to add one drive  and convert to raid10 if it strikes our fancy.
  • All with while live and mounted raid.
  • raid5/6 btrfs still not ready for production according to btrfs-progs coders.
  • Ways to get modern kernel versions
  • Possible drive failure modes?

No one has volunteered for a talk yet. The club reboot seems still in progress, so I will be patient.

More updates to follow in the next few days before the meeting.

  • Meeting Place: Central Library, Basement Rm 2
  • Street address: 616 Macleod Trail S.E.
  • Calgary AB T2G 2M2   (refer to map below)

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2 Responses to “Monthly General Meeting — April 5, 2017”

  1. Matthew Stobbs Says:

    Glad I looked at the page today. Hoping to visit and see what it’s like.

  2. Mel Walters Says:

    I will be doing a mini Demo, not really much of a talk. Demonstrations keep peoples attention better as they can see it happening in the real world instead of being pure theory.
    The Live Demo will be using btrfs-progs version 4.8.5 to create, convert, balance and monitor raid0 raid1 and raid10 btrfs on a small array.
    When it works, could be example of holding peoples interest. In a month or more I may have enough done to do a full 20 min talk.


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