Meeting — Dec 3, 2014

The next meeting is scheduled for December 3, 2014 at the U of C Downtown Campus, room 318, at 7 p.m. As always, the meeting is open to members and non-members. We’ll take a look at XBMC, a media server and client. Learn to organize your media, add metadata automatically and stream it to another device.

After the meeting we usually head over to Brewster’s/Beer Revolution, which is within walking distance of meeting location. Even if you can’t make it to the meeting, you’re welcome to join us for beers.


Room 426
U of C Downtown Campus – 906 – 8th Ave SW
Parking in the Campus building is $3. Free street parking nearby is available.

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  1. Regan Clark Says:

    Hi! I’m new to Linux and having problems with PCLinux on a new 64 bit lap top that originally came with Win 8. I changed the hard drive out with a new blank on Black Friday and loaded up Ubuntu 14.04 from a friend. Seemed to work better but didn’t have certain things, particularly Skype. So I switched Op systems and it’s only just usable. Would like to go back to Ubuntu, thinking this time 14.10 and definitely a 64 bit rather than what turned out to be a 32 in the 14.04. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Internet unreliable at home and on this computer/O.S. – only have library computers access as alternate and need a “good” 14.10 disc. I’m in Bankview/South Calgary and have lots of coffee and can even find some beer. Cheers! “”

  2. Mel Walters Says:

    Hi SouthernGent,

    You came to the correct place for help. Depending on your plans and how long you are willing to wait, you could A or B
    Install Solydxk and everything should just work. Yes in cluding Skype. I have a usb drive with the latest SolydK or X on it_(Dec 6/14).
    Wait untill the new 3.19 kernel comes and then install from USB drive
    (I am hoping that will solve a lot of problems because of the modern -kernel and distribution-)
    We would like to help.

    Library sounds like an issue getting on a computer? clug-talk mail list is usual way we talk. Tier two membership is free, just for joining the list.
    If you want to meet some other way, let me know.

    Our meeting is coming up Wed Feb 4, 2015 7:00 pm at U of C Downtown campus 8 & 8th SW

    Mel Walters

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