How does membership work?
CLUG Membership works as follows. If you attend a meeting, join the mailing list, attend an event or otherwise make it known to the CLUG Secretary that you wish to join CLUG, you are a Tier 1 member. There are no fees associated with becoming a Tier 1 member. You can, however, purchase a $20 per year Tier 2 membership which entitles you to voting privileges and discounts from some of our Sponsors. Check the Sponsors page for further details on where your CLUG membership card will get you a discount.

Why pay?
CLUG’s operating expenses are fairly low but from time to time we do need to pay for things like power / networking at trade shows, web hosting, etc. Previously these expenses were often covered by individuals but as we grow larger it makes sense for CLUG to be able to cover itself.

CLUG also tries to promote itself so from time to time we get advertising materials printed and such things cost money also.

Is there a fee for attending the meetings?
No! Anyone can attend meetings at no charge.

7 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Hello …. somehow I had it marked for Wednesday to be the meeting night but I had a small family emergency last night (OK now) and am wondering if the group has a new President or not.
    Ron Edwards

    • Hi Ron,
      AGM was moved to Apr 2, I am still pres.
      Anyone is free to join the clug-talk list. You can stay upto date that way.
      Things should get interesting.

      Check for blog updates too.
      Come to the meeting, it should not hurt.


    • Hi Remy,


      If you can attend, please come see us at this coming June 7th (Wednesday) Meeting.
      Attendance is free as in no charge$

      Requirements: Join the email list, show up at the meetings when you can. Come share your interest, questions and ideas about GNU/Linux.

      A growing theme lately has been renewed and new interest in Linux for personal use. Brushing up on Linux basics and beyond.
      Another common desire is to meet up in person with others on top of the mail list type electronic methods.

      Joining our clug talk mailing list is free of charge also. It is used to stay informed and sometimes a question and answer topic springs up.

      Thanks for your interest,
      Hope to see you soon.


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