Mailing Lists

What are the mailing lists?
The CLUG Mailing lists provide a way to communicate with the other members in our organization to talk about Linux and assist each other. These mailing lists are open to anyone (member or not) but please make sure to try and follow the guidelines for the list you are on and please follow the rules below.

To see what mailing lists we have click here.

How do I join the mailing lists?
Currently our mailing lists are run by mailman which has some pretty sharp web based tools for dealing with the mailing lists. Basically head over to and click on the list you would like to join. It will ask you for your e-mail address and a password. The password is needed later if you wish to edit your subscription options or unsubscribe from the list.

Why can’t I post to the mailing lists?
To help prevent SPAM from being posted to our mailing lists we only allow list subscribers to post. This means that in order to post to a particular list, you must be posting from an e-mail address that you have subscribed to the given mailing list. If you want to post from multiple addresses please see below.

How can I post from multiple e-mail addresses?
The short answer is that because our lists only allow subscribers to post, you must subscribe each and every address you wish to post from. Normally this means that each address will receive a copy of all mailing list traffic. If you want you can edit the options for your list subscriptions on auxiliary accounts and ask the list not to deliver messages to that address.

How do I unsubscribe from a mailing lists?
Head over to and click on the list you would like to unsubscribe from. It will ask you for your e-mail address that you are subscribed with. It will send an e-mail message asking you to confirm the unsubscribe request.

What rules are there for the mailing lists?
This is a self-moderated list for the most part. We try not to be too sticky on things like this but with 150 members monitoring the list (both professional and hobby users) we really must try to follow some rules to keep things tolerable for everyone. Please use good judgement when determining what is acceptable and what is not. If you have a large file you wish to distribute to CLUG members, please upload it to a service like and send the link instead.

Where can I view the list archives?
Click on the list you would like to see, and there will be a link pointing to the archives.

One thought on “Mailing Lists

  1. Hello Linux-using Calgarians,

    I’m writing to let you know that the editorial team behind Linux Format has quit, and is in the process of launching a rival Linux magazine called Linux Voice.

    Linux Voice will cover most of the same content as Linux Format, with many of the same writers, but it will be different in three key areas:

    1/ We’ll give 50% of our profits back to community groups and organisations supporting free software. Admittedly our profits won’t be massive at first, but if we achieve even half the success that Linux Format did (and maybe we will after a couple of years) we’ll be able to contribute quite a bit of cash.

    2/ After no longer than 9 months, we’ll relicense old content under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licence, so teachers, LUGs, students and anybody else can take, copy and improve upon our work for their own ends.

    3/ We won’t be owned by a bunch of hedge funds, like Linux Format is (, so we’ll be free from corporate interference. Free to do the best job we possibly can.

    If you could let your members know what we’re doing, we’d be most grateful. And if anyone there is a Linux Format reader, please direct them to so they can see what we’re up to.


    Andrew Gregory,
    Linux Voice

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