Sponsorship Guidelines

These guidelines describe who may be considered a sponsor, or a donor. Sponsors and Donors are subject to review by the Executive members.

1. Anyone, individual, company, or organization, who donates a door prize, equipment/goods, or services is considered a Donor.

2. Anyone who donates something on a continuing basis is a Sponsor.

3. Anyone who donates something that offers substantial return for CLUG is a Sponsor. What constitutes “substantial return” is a judgement to be made by the executive.

4. Anyone who offers a discount, special rate, or other form of tangible benefit to our members, on a continuous basis is considered a Sponsor. The benefit must be to the majority of CLUG Tier 2 members.

5. Anyone who has been a Sponsor, but is no longer meeting the above criteria is then designated a “Past Sponsor”. The time frame for determining the “no longer meeting the criteria” part will be one year.

6. Anyone who has been a Donor, but has not donated within the past year, is designated a “Past Donor”.

7. The list of Sponsors and Donors will be reviewed and annually.

8. Any company an executive member is involved with or owns may be a Donor or Sponsor, but cannot receive any preferential treatment, and will be subject to these guidelines.

In return for being a Donor, we will make public mention of the donation at the next meeting after the donation is made, and post a statement to our web site.

In return for being a current Sponsor, we will make mention of the company or individual whenever appropriate in our public correspondence which includes our general meetings and our web site. Members will be encouraged to take advantage of the benefits offered by the sponsors. We will consider our sponsors when planning CLUG events – either for a location for the event, or to provide promotional materials.