About CLUG

The Calgary Linux Users Group Guild (commonly known as CLUG), is a member directed, community organization dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience on “Open Source”software, with a Linux focus.

In the spirit of the wider open source community, CLUG works with its members to provide a variety of events and activities that facilitate the sharing information, knowledge and experience to its members and the community at large.

Events include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Monthly meetings (first Wednesday of each Month, usually at the downtown campus of University of Calgary and room announced within the week prior to.)
  • Sub-groups who meet separately (e.g. The Programming Special Interest Group – aka PROGSIG).
  • Installfests. Day long events where the public is encouraged to bring their computers and get help installing Linux or troubleshooting an existing system.
  • Workshops. Hands on experience with specific topics.
  • Special Events. Everything from a simple group barbecue to a full blown LinuxFest.

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5 thoughts on “About CLUG

  1. Hello, I am new to the city and interested in branching out to find more people with common interests as myself. I noticed that the first Wednesday of each month is a meeting downtown and I’d be very interested in attending.
    At what time & room is the meeting held tomorrow evening?
    I figured this may be the best way to get the information on such short notice to the meeting date.
    Thank you so much for reviewing and hopefully responding in time for the meetup.
    Stephen Kozakewycz

  2. Hi there,

    We are the ERA ” http://www.era.ca ” want to sponsor CLUG.

    We have a lot of servers, switches, routers, that your members could have access to. We also want to be involved with you and your members to collect any used, unwanted, or non working equipment

    • Hi Bojan,
      I was at your site the other day, but maybe you can explain something for me. I do not fully understand about your company policies.
      I did not see how dropped off computers in your bins would tend to survive as it would fall down quite a ways to the bottom of the bin.
      Our club had showed interest in the past in re-purpose older systems for families or individuals in need. We would need some renewed club interest to pull this off again.

      Does your company resell collected equipment? So how would that work out? When companies turn in their equipment for e recycle how is it handled and tracked?

      I am curious as to how our Linux User Group mandate and your companies business plan mesh together. Thanks.

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