Calgary Linux Users Meeting – Oct 31, 2017

Monthly Meeting



  • Room is booked from 16:30 till 19:30
  • This Central Library closes at 20:00 (8:00 PM).

Place: Central Library

  • Meeting Place: Central Library, Basement Rm 2
  • Street address: 616 Macleod Trail S.E.
  • Calgary AB T2G 2M2



See previous meeting for Map

Day of meeting explained.

November meeting rooms were strangely mostly booked up in November, hence I had to settle for Oct 31, the day before the first Wednesday of November.

Brief history

The variety of interests relating to Linux goes back a long time and is only accelerating to bigger and faster these days.


It should be an interesting topic as to who and what to focus on. In other words, who are we as a club and how are we defined. There is a lot of variety of interests and methods so I ask: Is this a liability or can we turn it into our strength?

I think we should make it easy for members to share and one idea that comes to mind is members becoming authors on our web site if they feel like it.

I believe in you. Do you believe in your self. If you can’t motivate your self how can you convince someone else to do it for you?

After I make sure I get some things done, hoping to shift more towards my own FLOSS interests


  • Would love to see you at the meeting
  • decide on what you want
  • use it or lose it?
  • lets have some fun together
  • now that I hit publish I can go answer some user questions I owe someone


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