Calgary Linux Users Group Meeting – October 4, 2017

Yes it’s time to meet up.

Time for the individual, not just the group.

Public are welcome! Admission is free ($) Bring your own snacks.

Welcome back and thanks for your interest.


Item 0)

Basics course. Have you noticed no one has yet offered to do it all for us? No judgement here.

It will much more fun to pick our own interest points. And who knows what we may find just trying things out for our selves?

Item 1A)

HUGO static web server. I see many interesting blogs on this and am attracted to it for a number of reasons. Take note of it’s license. Over a month ago I tried out HUGO the static website generator.  I am revisiting  this topic because of the extra work and security concerns with our WordPress setup. But mostly I want to have some fun.

I installed HUGO on a ubuntu based Solydxk 9 install using apt-get install hugo. It worked.

For the demo I will be using a Solus Linux 3 install.

# snap install hugo

 # snap list
Name  Version    Rev   Developer     Notes
core  16-2.27.6  2898  canonical     core
hugo  0.29       725   hugo-authors  -
  # snap info hugo
name:      hugo
summary:   "Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator"
publisher: hugo-authors
description: |
  Hugo is a static HTML and CSS website generator written in Go. It is
  optimized for speed, easy use and configurability. Hugo takes a directory
  with content and templates and renders them into a full HTML website.
snap-id: t6YzDBM3com27avINGL5OD6ZKKG654ez
  - hugo
tracking:    stable
installed:   0.29 (725) 30MB -
refreshed:   2017-09-26 13:43:04 -0600 MDT
  stable:    0.29     (725) 30MB -
  candidate: 0.29     (725) 30MB -
  beta:      0.29     (725) 30MB -
  edge:      0.30-DEV (770) 30MB -

The demo is based on quick start.

I can see why developers say they have fun with this on their workstation/laptop.

Item 1)

Is modern GNU/Linux becoming cool yet? How has the World been changing and does it relate to Linux? Clubs? ( might have to defer this for now? )

Item 2)

What ever happened to CLUG Reboot?

Things that have not been fully addressed yet: a) making individual contributions easier to do on our own schedule and less time consuming. b) redefining club not discussed or documented. c) change starts with members willing to talk about this.

Item 3)

George Chase – Instructor, Information and Communications Technologies Dept. has deferred his talk to the new year or later.

George proposed a demo mini-lab showing us how to set up your own private internet on your LAN for fun and learning. Lets hope he can find some time for us.

Also, tell us about your interests in Linux and GNU (free/libre) software/hardware

Bring all your questions too! Looking forward to meeting you again.


Room is booked from 16:30 till 19:30

Normal meeting start had been 17:00 but we can be active before that.

This Central Library closes at 20:00 (8:00 PM).

Place: Central Library

  • Meeting Place: Central Library, Basement Rm 2
  • Street address: 616 Macleod Trail S.E.
  • Calgary AB T2G 2M2   (refer to map below)


  • 26 max at tables, more single chairs can be set up if required.
Central Library

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Central Library 51.046466, -114.057800

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