Monthly General Meeting — April 8, 2015

A general meeting is scheduled on April 8, 2015 at 7:00 PM.

Talks and discussions

  • The May 6 AGM and elections
  • Topic:  Exploring Better Methods of Encouraging and Promoting GNU/Linux — With Hardware Show and Tell

A hands on approach or, Will It Work In the Real World. Hint: more people centric than machine centric.

While re purposing some desktop hardware, it was fun to imagine a futuristic, or even para-metrically designed  personal computer system.

Anyway, the hardware is adequate for a fluid demonstration. I would like to talk about how reapplying skills from  technical service industry and problem solving over to the the realms of Free (Libre) Open Source Software can work out.

Meeting Place: 906 – 8th Ave SW  Room: 428

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Parking in the Campus building is $3. Free street parking nearby is available.

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