April 2, 2014 Meeting

Annual General Meeting  7:00 PM – till done

Time left over maybe used for

General Meeting

Topic: Unlocking Freedoms In Technology for Fun and Profit

Audience: Everyone!
Speaker: Mel Walters

A series of educational lectures and expanding topics of interest.

  • Unlocking Freedoms: Not only coders, but everyone can now be involved and benefit from sharing their knowledge. With self adjusting scalar economy, your idea of possible…(hint…anything is possible)
  • Digital Signal to Noise Ratio
  • What counts and who matters
  • Cool Tools
  • It’s Electric…(Education)

Meeting Time:  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Room  No: 426

Location: U of C down town campus: 906 – 8th Avenue SW Calgary AB

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  1. Dave Pennell Says:

    I have a Window 7 netbook that I would like to add Ubuntu to as a dual boot system. I am not the adventurous type and would like some ( a lot ) of guidance and help making this work. I just re-formatted the hard drive as it had gotten slow recently. Is there a workshop or the like in the near future where i can attend and have this installed. Would I have to bring the file on a thumb drive or are there copies floating around?

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