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Mar 6, 2014 Meeting

Friday, January 31st, 2014
March General Monthly Meeting and the 2014 Calgary Linux

AGM part of meeting to start at 7:00 PM to make it easier for more to make it out in time.  (AGM moved ahead)

  • Meeting Time:  March 6th at  6:05 PM – 8:00 PM
  • doors open at 6:00 PM – Room: 426
  • Location: U of C down town campus
  • 906 – 8th Avenue SW Calgary AB

Topics or questions I would like to bring up or ask at the monthly meeting:
  • Can mostly everyone show up? That’s the rest of us, not just the hard line coders. Are we are missing out on the 98 % of potential members?
  • What are our motives?
  • Should we all be publishers in this digital age?
  • What are the best/new ways we can think of to collaborate as a club (LUG)?
  • How easy is it for us mortal users to get up to speed on Pelican?  How about a review of getting used to using Github?

See You All at the meeting!


We need to decide who is stepping forward as executive.

I hope to see a strong and vibrant club emerge from this AGM, and will support what the membership and new Executive Board decides to do.

I will have served two years as president and will be announcing my resignation before the end of March 2014.

In the event that an executive can not be established, the club will be unable to exist. Any remaining club assets would then have to be donated to some appropriate registered charity. See SECTION 13.0: Dissolution, in the CLUG bylaws.

Mel Walters – president  Calgary Linux users group


Meeting 2014, Feb 5

Monday, January 20th, 2014
Feb 5, 2014 – CLUG Meeting (Wednesday)

Meeting Time:  meeting: 6:05 PM – 8:00 PM

doors open at 6:00 PM 

Room  Number: 426

Location: U of C down town campus

906 – 8th Avenue SW Calgary AB

Talk by Kin Wong

IT Analyst | University of Calgary – DTC

One Business Application of Gimp and Inkscape

Scenario – We have architectural drawings to a building in PDF format.  The Architects don’t answer my calls and even if they did, they would want lots of dollars for the Autocad drawings.  The as-built already cost some $30K.  The money spent on the emergency evacuation signage are incomplete and some are wrong, we don’t have way of finding signage that are customized to location, and we rent space but don’t have any maps or illustrations for marketing materials.  Of course we are also cash constrained otherwise if you throw enough money at a problem, it goes away.

Solution – Using 2 open source tools for graphics (this spells free on 3 levels – free in terms of cost, free in terms of choice, and free to use on all 3 major platforms (Linux, Windows and OSX), we can take what we have and generate what we need.  You also don’t need a lot of talent but you will need some patience.  The tools we are going to be using are Gimp and Inkscape.