[Clug-tech] Still Looking for OpenVPN Help

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Thu Nov 30 19:11:48 PST 2006

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I've come to the conclusion that I've left one very important fact out
of the description of my problems with OpenVPN. It's entirely logical to
assume that I'm trying to set up the server on my home network (behind
my router) in order to access it from other locations. Not true.

Because I have no desire to leave any of my home computers on all day
long, I use VPSes on the Internet to play with. That's where I want my
OpenVPN server.

While setting this thing up, I am using my laptop as the client from
behind my home router and attempting to connect to the OpenVPN server.
It looks something like this:

Me ( -> Router ( -> OpenVPN Server

To recap, my problem is that after I connect, I get a slew of these errors:

Thu Nov 30 21:05:16 2006 jonzlaptop/ MULTI: bad source
address from client [], packet dropped

My goal is to connect to my OpenVPN server and then have ALL my traffic
sent through it and out to the Internet when I am connected. My troubles
are most frustrating because I know there are 40 bigajillion people on
the planet who have this simple VPN thing working, but I can't get it to

Anyone have any ideas before I throw OpenVPN in the trash and try
something else?


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