[Clug-tech] Finding open files on a device. Was: Procedure for removing USB drives

Mark Carlson carlsonmark at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 13:29:14 PST 2006

Cool, thanks!


On 11/28/06, Shawn <sgrover at open2space.com> wrote:
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> The fuser command does this for you.  Man fuser will give you the
> details you need.
> Shawn
> Mark Carlson wrote:
> > This reminds me of something that happens to me at random occasions.
> > Is there a way of finding out which files are open on a mounted
> > device?  I know you can get a list of file descriptors for a process
> > from /proc/<pid>/fd/ so I'm wondering if there is something similar to
> > see what files are open on a device.  Anybody have any ideas?

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