[clug-talk] Mar 7th Meeting is on

simon at mungewell.org simon at mungewell.org
Wed Mar 7 13:17:22 PST 2012

> I second William's motion. I've seriously considered (after more than 10
> years) just unsubscribing from this list.
> Everything I am *not* interested in, nor is relevant ... seems to dominate
> the posts of the last couple years.

OK so maybe the posting was a bit much, off-topic a bit (following on from
a posting warning people attending the meeting this evening about parking
restrictions)..... but I think that perhaps people might be over-reacting
a bit.

I mean that this list isn't exactly high volume, and personally I see it
as a virtual extension of the post meeting pub chat with a bit of
technical stuff thrown in.

Note, I'm not trying to cause a huge heated discussion. Just trying to
calm the waters a little,

PS. I'm sure that this _will_ make a good pub discussion tonight. See you
at the meeting. :-)

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