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Wed Mar 7 13:23:59 PST 2012

Many people on my street got tickets as well... not me.  THere is no reason for my street (Brentwood Blvd) to be a snow route.  We are not a feeder and there is Crowchild Trail, Brentwood Road and Northmount drive available - each within 400 meters.

Next like you I did not know its a snow route and it took me quite a while to find the sign.  I had to walk three (3) blocks in one direction and five (5) blocks in the other direction!  Next... the snow on Brentwood Blvd posed no problems that I can tell!

I urge you to fight the ticket and get together with anyone else.  I have already called my alderperson and questioned the judgement of this administration and how they are WASTING my tax dollars:

1) snake bridge.

2) black hole to the airport which serves how many? and how many times per year?

3) articulated buses with zero passengers running at midnight.

4) three (3) and soon to be I suppose four (4) C-train cars being worn out at midnight when likely one (1) would suffice

5) green bins for my apple cores (I guess).  If I want to recycle them I can toss them into the garden or flush them.  But with this system I get to pay guys to flip compost!  I liked using worms better.  Worms typically aren't unionized.

6) Insane snow removal procedures

Last week they ploughed Brendwood Blvd three (3) times in under 24 hours.  I watched them start at about 8:30 AM before the first snow flakes landed on the ground.  As they landed they were melting.  Then about 3:00 in the afternoon when tehere was an accumulation of about 1 cm... there came the plough again!

But that wasn't good enough!  Because at 3:30 AM the plough came again to get the last flakes which I think landed between 3:00 and 3:30 the previous afternoon!... and had long since melted.  But it was in the wee hours of the morning so that plough was travelling slowly!  It was travelling slow enough that I could wake up... get out of bed... see the lights flashing on the curtains and hear the rumble from hell... and grab my housecoat and walk to the living room to find out what was going on!  Yup.   Any snow flake that might have survived from the previous afternoon was being pushed off the road!

Now if we see our weather forecast then we can note the snow will be all melted by Saturday anyways.  So enjoy your day in court!  

Please remember this come the next election.  Aldermanic offices are (403) 268-2430.


Everyone in that court room EXCEPT YOU and your fellow victims is being paid.  Most are being paid quite handsomly to dispense "justice".  If you choose to fight, your lawyer if you choose to hire one, will expect to be paid up front whether you win or lose.  I doubt your employer or clients will be willing to pay you.

Please note something.  The cops were ready.  They already had their maps out... and some were reported to be incorrect.  But they were ready and rolling by 10AM.  Of course it is reported they issued 725 tickets by 4:30 PM and if everyone pays up at $75 each it will generate over $50,000!  So I figure there is a profit motive.

On Wed, Mar 07, 2012 at 10:13:29AM -0700, Kin Wong wrote:
> May want to double check on city website - l believe the ban is off.  (I looked this morning because I got a ticket yesterday for being on a snow route.  There were no signs on my block but it appears I am indeed on a snow route.)
> simon at mungewell.org wrote:
> >
> >> See at Wed 6:00 pm at
> >> University of Calgary, downtown campus
> >> Room 418
> >> 906 – 8th Avenue SW
> >>
> >> 6:00 till 8:00 ish
> >
> >Be aware that if the 'Snow Event' is still active there may be parking
> >restrictions on some streets.
> >
> >http://calgary.ca/snow
> >--
> >Downtown and Business Revitalization Zones – parking bans 9 p.m.- 6 a.m.
> >
> >Some Snow Routes located in downtown or in Business Revitalization Zones
> >will only have parking bans between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. when a Snow Event is
> >declared. Check out the map for further information
> >--
> >
> >Simon.
> >
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