[clug-talk] [BULK] Snow Event completed - March 07, 2012.

caziz caziz at cuug.ab.ca
Wed Mar 7 09:55:12 PST 2012

    Snow Event completed -- Snow Route parking bans lifted

Snow clearing operations on Calgary's major traffic routes have now been completed, and the Snow Route parking bans have 
been lifted.

The City would like to thank citizens for their cooperation in keeping Calgary's roads safe this winter. Snow Route 
parking bans help us clear snow from major traffic routes more effectively and enable crews to get to residential routes 
sooner. This benefits all Calgarians and helps make travel safer for everyone during the winter.

Please be aware that another Snow Event can be declared when plowing is required and there is an accumulation of five 
centimetres or more of snow on the roads.

Snow Routes include major roadways, collector roads and most bus routes and are marked by blue signs containing a white 
snowflake icon. A map and full list of Snow Route locations is available on www.calgary.ca/snow 

For more information, visit www.calgary.ca/snow 
or call 3-1-1. Please do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored.

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