[clug-talk] Ubuntu/Kubuntu course

Jerry Rukavina jedco at telus.net
Sun Mar 4 18:10:06 PST 2012

Hello Everyone,
Does anyone know of a class room course or structured one on one program 
that teaches the basics of installing and working with Ubuntu/Kubuntu. I 
would like to sit down with someone for a few days with the outcome of 
being comfortable working with these OS and going on to an intermediate 
level. I have Ubuntu installed now on my computers and have used it for 
a number of years but I  know little about using terminal for example,or 
installing other programs (Tux Guitar for example, downloaded it but how 
to install?) or making OS work in a MS environment at work. I have a new 
lap top but I don't know how to partition MS. I have burned a copy of 
the latest Kubuntu to discs and am ready to install (I think).

Please let me know what is available in the market here in Calgary. I am 
open to your ideas too. Thanks.


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