[clug-talk] Accounting software on Linux with POS and Payroll?

Shawn Grover sgrover at open2space.com
Thu Dec 1 09:39:25 PST 2011

On 11-11-30 02:26 PM, Mel Walters wrote:
> A number of points about your insightful comments:
> 1/ Kin has already voiced concern for ease of report generation as a
> show stopper. After all, computers ARE supposed to make the job easier,
> correct?
> 2/ So what license would the authors reporting solutions be under?
> The full program should be powerful, comprehensive, and easy to use,..
> yet I seem to suspect some sort of cripple ware system.

SQL Ledger was supposed to be GPL.  Don't know if it still is.  BUT. 
(there is always a but...)  The code is written in Perl, I think, and so 
requires some specific expertise to delve into.  The reporting system 
uses LaTeX, and that is rather specific (and old school) knowledge as 
well.  So while the system may be GPL, there are barriers that only 
permit a small(er) sub-set of the coders out there to be able to work on it.

> 3/ Is ad hoc reporting solvable in the other fork?

I don't know.

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