[clug-talk] Virtual Box and Console Only Guests

Craig McLean craigmclean at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 10 15:54:31 PDT 2010


I've just installed Virtual Box on my Windows 7 system for the first time.
I've also installed Ubuntu 10.10 Server 64bit edition.  The Guest Additions
package installed without any trouble. however I notice the "seemless"
feature still doesn't work.  Whenever I click into the window containing the
guest my mouse still gets captured and I need to use the right-ctrl key to
get the mouse pointer back.  I was hoping that installing the guest
additions would make the guest window behave like any other window, much
like what happens when you install guest additions on a guest that has a

In order to troubleshoot I installed xserver-xorg and xserver-xorg-core, so
the X related parts of the Guest Additions would also compile and install
properly.  That didn't make a difference.

Is it just the nature of Virtual Box that you need some kind of running gui
for the seemless feature to work?


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