[clug-talk] Does the Linux Desktop Innovate Too Much?

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Tue Jun 23 09:44:32 PDT 2009

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John Jardine wrote:
> My vision for 10 years is that there is no desktop.  Seriously, the
> 1970s called, they want their clunky and  inefficient human to computer
> interface back.  If we are very lucky, 10 years from now people will
> wonder just what we were thinking.  The real revolution will begin once
> we figure out how to actually use a computer.
> I suspect that gestures and or touch will dominate and mice will be as
> quaint as a rotary telephone. There will likely always be some sort of
> pen for the artists, various musical interfaces that mimic actual
> instruments (these won't be needed but many like me will take a while to
> leave those particular interfaces behind), but for most the traditional
> UI will likely disappear, replaced by speech and gestures.
>> I'm not sold on that vision.  There is a difference between data
>> manipulation, which don't need to be done via command line.  What
>> doesn't work there is data entry in all it's various forms - so how do
>> you enter your info into a zone file without your keyboard?
First, data entry is a waste of human time.  OCR, and speech to text
would be better for digitizing existing material.

As for zone files, how many people do you know that actual do this?  I
would be surprised if even 1% of the people I know actual edit zone
files.  Most of the people I know who modify DNS do so through some sort
of a front end (web based) to make it easier so of all the people I
know, I an count on one the number who actually edit a zone file.

Regardless of what happens in 10 years, I expect to be holding on to my CLI.
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