[clug-talk] Is anyone out there?

Mark Carlson carlsonmark at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 13:54:09 PDT 2009

On 6/9/09, Shawn <sgrover at open2space.com> wrote:
> k.  I'll throw a topic out there for general discussion.  Anyone know of a
> decent but cheap GPS tool that can capture data to an SD card?  I'm looking
> to capture some tracks/paths in NMEA 0183 format (hope I got the number
> right).
>  I would prefer a tool that works well with Linux of course.  I was in Best
> Buy a couple weeks ago and it seems they only carry things that work with
> Windows (that they know of...).
>  The GPS tool is only one part of a somewhat larger project I have in mind,
> but I need to start with the data collection...
>  Thanks for the thoughts.
>  RE: Linpus.  Thanks for the offer Cam, but I think I'll stick with Kubuntu
> for now... :)
>  Shawn

Do you need more than one?  Your Freerunner (or is it the 1973?) has
GPS and a (micro) SD card slot, right?

-Mark C.

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