[clug-talk] Semi-OT: AppleScript Editor

Ian Bruseker ian.bruseker at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 15:27:57 PDT 2009

2009/4/30 TekBudda <tekbudda at gmail.com>

> Essentially what happens is that we are deploying Mac's  on the
> network & the laptop need to have the WiFi set-up.  One of my
> co-workers had created a script that does the whole thing when you hit
> run.  The only lines that need to be changed are the SSID & the key.
> The file is labelled as filename.scpt whihc is an AppleScript file.
> Any editor in cluding the ones suggested just garbles the information
> & you cannot edit the 2 lines needed.
> The probl;em is that the only way we can change the script at this
> point is to use a Mac OS X machine...which isn't a huge deal, but just
> slow things down a bit.  Some guys have Mac's but mopst of us have
> WIndows machines, hence the need for a program to run on a WIndows
> box.
> Hope that clears everything up.
> I'm starting to wonder if my assumption on them being plain text is
incorrect.  I just did a little googling and found references to "compiling"
AppleScript files.  I'm wondering if that's what you have is the compiled
output.  This page talks about being able to save the script output in
various formats, including plain text:


Maybe you just need to get back onto one of those Macs and try to do a Save
As in Script Editor and save it out in a different format.  Then you could
edit it in any editor.

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