[clug-talk] Semi-OT: AppleScript Editor

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Thu Apr 30 15:25:59 PDT 2009

sounds like a hackish way to do something trivial that *should* already 
be handled by the OS.

But, why not just change the script once to say what file(s) contain the 
  ssid and the key, load those into variables within the script then use 
variables where needed...

Are you saying that the SSID and key will be different for each of the 
boxes?  Even then, you just set them in a given file, and the script 
would still work fine.  At least the way I'm picturing it.

Still, I think this speaks of a solution to a problem that really needs 
to be handled at a totally different level.

My thoughts.


TekBudda wrote:
>> How about you buy everyone Macs?  ;-)
>> More seriously, what is the actual end requirement?  You mention that you
>> need to edit two lines in the file.  Always the same two lines?  What two
>> lines?  What are you changing?
>> What I'm getting at is, do you really need a full blown editor on every
>> machine that lets a user see AppleScript in pretty code colours?
>> AppleScript is just text like any other script, so I'm guessing that's what
>> you're looking for.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you need
>> to change something in that file each time that's machine specific like the
>> IP or MAC of the given machine.  So, why not write a script or very simple
>> program that asks the user for the two things that need changing, and then
>> within the code of the program or by calling out to another program like
>> sed, you do the modification for them?  Or if it's something like finding
>> the IP or MAC address, why not automate it entirely by having your
>> script/program deduce that information and modify the AppleScript
>> accordingly?  Yes, scripts writing scripts.  The end is near.
> Essentially what happens is that we are deploying Mac's  on the
> network & the laptop need to have the WiFi set-up.  One of my
> co-workers had created a script that does the whole thing when you hit
> run.  The only lines that need to be changed are the SSID & the key.
> The file is labelled as filename.scpt whihc is an AppleScript file.
> Any editor in cluding the ones suggested just garbles the information
> & you cannot edit the 2 lines needed.
> The probl;em is that the only way we can change the script at this
> point is to use a Mac OS X machine...which isn't a huge deal, but just
> slow things down a bit.  Some guys have Mac's but mopst of us have
> WIndows machines, hence the need for a program to run on a WIndows
> box.
> Hope that clears everything up.
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