[clug-talk] Semi-OT: AppleScript Editor

TekBudda tekbudda at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 15:06:05 PDT 2009

> How about you buy everyone Macs?  ;-)
> More seriously, what is the actual end requirement?  You mention that you
> need to edit two lines in the file.  Always the same two lines?  What two
> lines?  What are you changing?
> What I'm getting at is, do you really need a full blown editor on every
> machine that lets a user see AppleScript in pretty code colours?
> AppleScript is just text like any other script, so I'm guessing that's what
> you're looking for.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess you need
> to change something in that file each time that's machine specific like the
> IP or MAC of the given machine.  So, why not write a script or very simple
> program that asks the user for the two things that need changing, and then
> within the code of the program or by calling out to another program like
> sed, you do the modification for them?  Or if it's something like finding
> the IP or MAC address, why not automate it entirely by having your
> script/program deduce that information and modify the AppleScript
> accordingly?  Yes, scripts writing scripts.  The end is near.

Essentially what happens is that we are deploying Mac's  on the
network & the laptop need to have the WiFi set-up.  One of my
co-workers had created a script that does the whole thing when you hit
run.  The only lines that need to be changed are the SSID & the key.
The file is labelled as filename.scpt whihc is an AppleScript file.
Any editor in cluding the ones suggested just garbles the information
& you cannot edit the 2 lines needed.

The probl;em is that the only way we can change the script at this
point is to use a Mac OS X machine...which isn't a huge deal, but just
slow things down a bit.  Some guys have Mac's but mopst of us have
WIndows machines, hence the need for a program to run on a WIndows

Hope that clears everything up.

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