[clug-talk] Google Analytics is very cool web site tracking tool

Dana Harding dharding at nucleus.com
Mon Apr 27 12:58:08 PDT 2009

So - you recommend that people disable javascript by default.
But then, the first time any of those people visit any of YOUR sites - they 
get a big (annoying) div stating that they need it enabled?

Can I suggest not doing this,  unless your site contains content that NEEDS 
javascript to function?
IMHO, fancy menus do not qualify as needing javascript.    I'm happy if 
presented with a text-only sitemap as an alternative to a javascript-driven 
menu system, and a note stating that it looks better with javascript 

NoScript, and a hosts file redirecting common ad/malware sites to 
have served me well.

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> Does NoScript just block parts of JavaScript or must it block all 
> JavaScript
> on a site? I lean towards forcing people to have JavaScript not blocked on
> most of my sites. I like have a big div that says "Your browser is broken,
> please enable JavaScript" and then use JavaScript to hide that div.
> I think people should have JavaScript disabled by default and enable it 
> for
> each site they want to use it with. I think I tried NoScript once but had
> problems with it. I leave JavaScript on by default but I don't recommend
> others to do that, I just don't use the Internet as a client much. I think
> there are only about 10 sites I visit and I hate browsing. 

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