[clug-talk] Google Analytics is very cool web site tracking tool

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Mon Apr 27 11:52:42 PDT 2009

I haven't dived into this area yet mainly because I have access to my 
raw server logs and can run webalizer/awstats/analog/etc. on them to get 
mostly the same information.

However, I recently saw reference to Piwiki (http://piwik.org/) - an 
open source alternative to Google Analytics where you get to control 
where/when the collected data is accessed.  I mean you set up, manage, 
and control the database where the collected info resides.  I like this 
option better than giving my data to Google.

Google is "mostly harmless" in the Open Source world, but I really don't 
like letting someone else hold *my* data in a place where I have no 
control what they do with it.  Google may become evil one day, or just 
use my data in a way I don't want.  That goes for any organization 
though - not just Google... :)

My thoughts.


Royce Souther wrote:
> I remember the early days of the Internet when a CGI script that could 
> count how many times your page was loaded was the hot stuff of the day. 
> My how things have changed.
> If are a web administrator you really should look at adding the free 
> Google Analytics <http://www.google.com/analytics> to your site. It is 
> way more then a stupid hit counter, it tracks who or what visits your 
> site, how long they visit each page and gives you graphs and maps to see 
> what parts of your web site are being used by what parts of the world.
> There are even tools that help you to test different web designs to see 
> what works best.
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