[clug-talk] OT: Backing up webmail WAS: Strange KMail behaviour

John Jardine john_e_jardine at spamcop.net
Sun Apr 26 10:09:37 PDT 2009

Agreed - add Compuserve to your list, the classic service is being
shutdown on June 30th.

It all comes down to who you want "owning" your data, you or a provider.
I have email I don't care about (google/hotmail) and others that I do:

After taking the time to do the backup, verify you can restore from it.
I've seen lots of corrupt backups over the years.

On Sun, 2009-04-26 at 10:30 -0600, Mark Carlson wrote:
> If you want to make sure you always have a copy (to the best of your
> backup abilities, anyway,) then yes, you need to download your mail.
> http://archiveteam.org/index.php?title=Deathwatch
> Especially in this and upcoming years, backing things up from online
> services is important to do.  Among those that are closing or have
> closed with no or little notice:
> - Geocities (!)
> - AOL Hometown
> - Tripod
> - Yahoo Briefcase
> - Filefront.com (1.5M files, 48TB, gone)
> - AOL Pictures
> So yes, backup your stuff.  They have no obligation to do it for you
> (other than their reputation, which doesn't last.)
> -Mark C.
> P.S. I'm one to talk, of course... I still haven't backed up my GMail
> in 4 years... I really should get on that.  Thanks for the reminder!
> On 4/26/09, Richard Carter <carter.r.a.l at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Dick,
> >
> > Are you sure you need to download your mail?   I use only web mail and some
> > of my messages on shaw are several years old. (I must clean house sometime!)
> >  Even better, my wife and each have gmail accounts which we use  most of the
> > time and we never download.  Right now I have 401MB on their server which is
> > 5% of my quota.
> >
> > Robin
> >
> > On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 12:34 PM, Dick Angus <RJA-Linux at shaw.ca> wrote:
> > >
> > > I am running Kubuntu 9.04-64bit (just did an upgrade and all appears good
> > so far - it did take several restarts to get all the upgrade downloaded due,
> > I'm sure, to overloaded servers). My wife uses a miniMac (older PPC chip).
> > We share a mail account at Shaw. I have my KMail set up to leave the mail on
> > the server for seven days and her Mac mail is set up to remove mail when
> > downloaded. This problem started under Kubuntu 8.10, probably KDE 4.1 is a
> > better starting point, and has continued under KDE 4.2.2. My wife's mail is
> > fine, it does just what you'd expect. My KMail appears to run normal, but
> > about twice or three times a week it re-downloads all the old mail that's
> > hanging around the server. Thus I end up with a couple of hundred duplicate
> > messages. It's not serious, but it is irritating. Because nothing happens
> > like this on the Mac I am assuming it's related to KDE or KMail? Did
> > something change in KMail or did Shaw change something or do I have a bad
> > set of preferences? Maybe I should take the 7 day delay off the leave mail
> > on the server setting? Any ideas?
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