[clug-talk] Program for taking notes in class ?

Dafydd Crosby dcrosby at userful.com
Wed Apr 22 15:47:48 PDT 2009

Actually, a lesson I learned a little too late was that it was this:

Don't take notes in class. Really.
Absorb everything your prof is saying, then write notes immediately 
after that. Generally, you don't even need to.

Mind you, I dropped out of university, but that's a different story.


PS - C's make degrees :-P

Mark Carlson wrote:
> On 4/22/09, Peter Pankonin <r4nd0m1z at gmail.com> wrote:
>> How about a digital audio recorder to record the lecture...and a
>>  digital camera to photograph the board/diagrams?
> None of my profs allowed this.  Even if they did, imagine listening to
> your prof's lecture _twice_ just to find the 20 second explanation of
> something you missed while trying to find some new symbol in your note
> taking software.
> Again... it's school, so try it out yourself.  Just don't waste so
> much time on it that your grades slip as a result.  It's one thing to
> lose a few % on an exam because you weren't paying attention in a few
> classes.  It's another thing altogether when your D slips to an F
> because you started bringing a laptop to class (this happened to at
> least two friends of mine, but of course bringing a computer to class
> wasn't their biggest problem.)
> -Mark C.
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