[clug-talk] Program for taking notes in class ?

Peter Pankonin r4nd0m1z at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 13:59:10 PDT 2009

How about a digital audio recorder to record the lecture...and a
digital camera to photograph the board/diagrams?

On 4/22/09, Mark Carlson <carlsonmark at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/22/09, Peter Van den Wildenbergh <peter at meta-logica.com> wrote:
>>  Hi List,
>>  Anybody aware of a good FOSS program for taking notes in a (science)
>> class?
>>  Was thinking to buy a wacam board for all the weird formulas and
>> drawings.
>>  Need some software that can handle both text and drawings... + organize
>> it
>> per class/date ...
>>  Does this exist?
>>  Thx
>>  Peter
> There may be appropriate software, but from my experience, introducing
> a computer (even a tablet) into the classroom has produced more
> negative than positive results.
> (note: in the following situations, I say "you", but I really am
> referring to things I've done myself, and have seen others do as well.
>  YMMV, so don't take my opinions as cold-hard facts.)
> The #1 problem seems to be that for every extra second you spend
> fussing over getting your drawing done right on the tablet, or getting
> the notation right in an equation, you've lost one second of attention
> to the subject at hand.
> I imagine, with practice, you could be as proficient with the tablet
> as you are with a pen and paper, but you really need to ask yourself,
> "is it worth it?"
> I tried for a few weeks to take notes on a notebook computer, but in
> the end, it was much better to just stick with my previous method (5
> colors of pens, and custom note-taking paper I made with OpenOffice,
> all shoved into a clipboard [1].)
> The #2 problem seems to be the additional distractions that
> laptops/tablets introduce.  Email, IM, Facebook, games, etc. all take
> your attention away from class, and it takes longer to get your focus
> back than I bet you're willing to admit.
> Even looking up a subject on Wikipedia (or somewhere else) during
> class seems like a good idea... until you realize you weren't paying
> attention to something for 5 minutes... and it takes 15 minutes to
> catch up on it by yourself later (if you do it at all!)
> Other problems:
> - Distracting other classmates (even just your computer's noises)
> - Classmates distracting you (can you look this up for me?)
> - Battery dying (or setting up / taking down your PSU)
> - Weight (heavier than a clipboard, anyway)
> Anyway... even even if someone had told me this, I probably still
> would have tried taking notes on the computer... so have fun, and good
> luck!
> -Mark C.
> [1]
> http://www.amazon.com/Rubbermaid-Grip-N-Go-Storage-Clipboard-29994/dp/B0006HWZ9G
> (also available at Staples)
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