Dan Mueller danm at reliable-tube.com
Wed Apr 22 09:31:53 PDT 2009

I have a eeepc with contact on it and my desktop pc with contact on it
aswell. Im wondering if there is a easy way that I can have the same contact
list on both the desktop and the eeepc. I know that I can import and export
but that would be a pain to do every time. If I use it in the desktop and
change or add some contacts I would like to easily take from there and use
as saved on my eeepc.


 Also, installed the easypeasey distro and I like it. Everything works so
far. Synaptic loads add ons without complaining at all.  I took the advise
from someone from the clug that said use banshee for mi ipod. It works good.
I can see everything on the ipod but when I try to transfer either way the
arrow moves when I drag but than go's back as soon as I release the button.
It wont transfer. Iny ideas or other input on another program that will let
me transfer from eeepc to either ipod nano or classic with 120g hdd. Song
bird on the easypeasey distro seems to look just like itunes but I cant get
it to see my ipod when plugged in.


 Thanx for the help thus far and any additional input would be greatly






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