[clug-talk] Mailman opt-in lists

Jesse Kline jesse at kline.ca
Sun Apr 19 17:06:12 PDT 2009

Hey everyone,

I'm working for an organization that has a list of ~80,000 e-mail addresses
and we want to create a mailing list, but we have two problems:

1) Our hosting provider will not allow us to send out that many e-mails. I
figure that a potential solution would be to use Mailman with the full
personalization feature so it sends each e-mail individually (correct me if
I'm wrong). However, that brings me to my second problem.

2) Many of the e-mail addresses were given to us awhile ago and we don't
want our messages to be interpreted as spam. Is it possible to setup a list
so that users have to specifically opt-in rather than opt-out? If so, how
would I set this up?

Thank you,

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