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John Greep john at johngreep.com
Sat Apr 18 06:21:45 PDT 2009

Since it went to factory default, I believe most of the data is probably
already overwritten.  If you're lucky, your important files are still
recoverable, but I agree with Shawn.  It's not a job for the faint of heart.


On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 2:21 AM, Shawn <sgrover at open2space.com> wrote:

> I would ask yourself how much that data is worth to you.
> If the answer to that question is more than a few hundred, or thousand
> dollars, then DO NOT attempt a recovery yourself.  In this case, I would
> suggest to do as little as possible with the drive - unplug it out right.
>  Then ship it to a professional data recovery shop - such as CBL - and let
> them do the work for you.
> Attempting to recover the data yourself could end up overwriting sections
> of the drive that you may contain parts of the old data - making that data
> impossible / very difficult (aka very expensive) to recover.
> So, the recommended approach is that as soon as a drive reaches a point
> where data recovery of this sort may be needed, halt all possible activity
> on that drive to (hopefully) preserve a better chance of getting the
> original data back.
> If however you find your data isn't really worth all that much, but
> represents a minor convenience, you by all means you can try recovering the
> drive yourself.  In this case I would suggest using dd to grab a snapshot of
> the drive (to a still larger drive) as a file.  Now you can mount that file
> as if it were a drive and analyze it directly - without touching the
> original drive.  You may get lucky and discover that only the inodes have
> been reset - which means the original data is still there, just lacking
> pointers to it.  This is getting pretty low level into understanding file
> systems and drives though... good experience, but maybe a bit tooo much
> work.
> HTH.
> Shawn
> Pradeep Mishra wrote:
>> Accidentally, I deleted everything from my laptop bringing it to factory
>> default setup.
>> I am using this laptop for  last 4 years and it had some important files
>> in it. Can anybody
>> suggest any way of undoing this? Or can anyody suggest any good, user
>> friendly Undelete program which I can use to recover the lost files?
>>  With due apology, let me mention that, I was running WIn XP in this
>> laptop, which is a Sony VAIO with Pentium IV.
>>  Any help will be highly appreciated.
>>  Thanks and regards,
>> Pradeep.
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John Greep
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