[clug-talk] Undelete program

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Sat Apr 18 01:21:20 PDT 2009

I would ask yourself how much that data is worth to you.

If the answer to that question is more than a few hundred, or thousand 
dollars, then DO NOT attempt a recovery yourself.  In this case, I would 
suggest to do as little as possible with the drive - unplug it out 
right.  Then ship it to a professional data recovery shop - such as CBL 
- and let them do the work for you.

Attempting to recover the data yourself could end up overwriting 
sections of the drive that you may contain parts of the old data - 
making that data impossible / very difficult (aka very expensive) to 

So, the recommended approach is that as soon as a drive reaches a point 
where data recovery of this sort may be needed, halt all possible 
activity on that drive to (hopefully) preserve a better chance of 
getting the original data back.

If however you find your data isn't really worth all that much, but 
represents a minor convenience, you by all means you can try recovering 
the drive yourself.  In this case I would suggest using dd to grab a 
snapshot of the drive (to a still larger drive) as a file.  Now you can 
mount that file as if it were a drive and analyze it directly - without 
touching the original drive.  You may get lucky and discover that only 
the inodes have been reset - which means the original data is still 
there, just lacking pointers to it.  This is getting pretty low level 
into understanding file systems and drives though... good experience, 
but maybe a bit tooo much work.



Pradeep Mishra wrote:
> Accidentally, I deleted everything from my laptop bringing it to factory 
> default setup.
> I am using this laptop for  last 4 years and it had some important files 
> in it. Can anybody
> suggest any way of undoing this? Or can anyody suggest any good, user 
> friendly Undelete program which I can use to recover the lost files?
> With due apology, let me mention that, I was running WIn XP in this 
> laptop, which is a Sony VAIO with Pentium IV.
> Any help will be highly appreciated.
> Thanks and regards,
> Pradeep.
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