[clug-talk] Geo-Coordinates & Images

Shawn sgrover at open2space.com
Mon Feb 11 12:59:19 PST 2008

A typical task of a programmer is to take a big picture idea, and break 
it into individual steps that can be easily implemented.  What I've seen 
of the discussion so far is a confusion of the big picture, and the 
individual steps.  For instance.

Big Picture:  You want to upload your pictures to a web site somewhere 
and that site will automagically make use of the coordinate data 
embedded in the picture to do various things (overlays, etc.)

Individual steps:
- take the picture
- embed the geo coordinates in the picture
- find a web server to store the pics on
- work out an easy way to transfer the pics to the web server
- apply the code on the web server to extract the coordinate data and 
create HTML output

Your discussion is all hinging on the second step - embedding the 
coordinates.  Until you can make that happen, the rest is pointless. 
Knowing the big picture is good, but you still need to solve the details 
before it can happen.

As an aside, I can tell you that you're likely looking at a custom web 
site, or a custom application.  There might be sites out there that do 
this, but to make use of them (or their code), you'll have to conform to 
THEIR format requirements (i.e. maybe they aren't using exif....).  This 
custom coding/app means that your flikr, facebook, etc, hopes are pretty 
much dead in the water - unless you write your own plugin for em.  I 
would submit it's probably easier (and better) to create your own web 
app that does what you need, and THEN look at integrating with 
Facebook/social site.

The code for this type of app wouldn't be tooo hard.  If you were to 
assume the data is stored in exif and in a standard format (i.e. 
"NORTHING:XXXXXX,EASTING:YYYYYY"), then this data can be parsed out with 
a couple lines of code and used to find whatever else you want (Google 
Map overlays, etc.).  Regardless though, you have some research ahead of 

In terms of logic or those stumper questions, we're here to help out. 
But I have enough on my plate that I don't have the time to write code 
for you... :)  Google is your friend though.  (here's a link to help get 
you started: http://ca3.php.net/exif )


TekBudda wrote:
> Things don't need to be automated at this point as I am just starting 
> off on this venture.
> What I will be doing to start is keep a log of the waymarks from the GPS 
> as it does not connect to the PC at this point but I am looking into 
> that.  So I will use the GPS to get the coordinates, write then down, 
> then go back to the pictures.  Embed the coordinates then post to a 
> website.  I just used Facebook as an example, but I am think more of an 
> online album for a personal page.
> I may be going about this the wrong way right now, but like I 
> said...still new.  So maybe the better way is to enter the points in 
> Google Maps & then embed those links into the images?
> Or...the alternative is to give up all technology and move into a cave 
> somewhere using guinea pigs for warmth and companionship.  LOL!
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