[clug-talk] Geo-Coordinates & Images

Cameron tekbudda at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 12:07:05 PST 2008

Essentially what I want to do is to embed the geo-coordinates into an 
image so that when the picture is posted online (i.e. Facebook, website, 
etc.) that someone can click on the image and it will take them to a 
website like Google Maps (or whatever) and take them to that spot.

I will use a scenario.  Every year around this time the wife and I go to 
Radium for a weekend away.  We alwats take out camera with us and grab a 
few snaps on the scenery or if we ha[[en to go on a hike or something. 
This will be our first real trip with the eeepc and so  would like to at 
then end of the day, geo-tag the photos and upload them to say Facebook.

If the geo-tagging works, people should be able to view the pictures and 
be able to click on them and visit Google Earth/Maps or whatever and see 
the exact spot where we took the picture.  It would also be cool to be 
able to watermark the picture with those geo-coordinates as well.

I do like xnview but the only location information that I can place is 
there is the city & province and that is about it.

 From the look of it though it looks like ImageMagick might be the 
better way to go.  The ideal is that I can find a good cross-platform 
tool that will do what I woud like it to do.  I would like to try and 
avoid having 10 programs installed all basically doing the same 
thing...but whatever works right?

I am familiar with Gimp and use it quite regularly and xnview is a great 
tool for bringing things up quickly and working with them.

<<sigh>>...the search continues.

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