[clug-talk] Volunteers for COSSFest

Kin Wong kwong at csa-pdk.com
Fri Oct 19 09:25:30 PDT 2007

Just a heads up - COSSFest is on Oct 27 - that is the following Sat at SAIT.

Just like last year, we are looking for volunteers to help setup, tear 
down, make sure that we don't loose any speakers and everyone has a good 
time.  We have 4 tracks this year and if you have not signed up for the 
event, please do so at www.cosssfest.ca

Mark McNair is the volunteer coordinator this year.  I can forward your 
email to him if you are interested.  We are meeting on Thu night next 
week - Oct 25 but we have not picked a time.  We have been meeting at 5 
but that might be too early for others to get there.  We will keep you 

Second point, Szemir has a number of computers from VFX that he wants 
CLUG to showcase with various Linux operating systems.  While the user 
groups have a table at the event, we are entitled to have a booth as 
well as CLUG is kicking in up to 500 into the event.  No sense in 
setting up a booth if we don't have volunteers to man it.  Need a show 
of interest by Sunday otherwise the space plan will be finalized without 
a CLUG booth.  Just as a comparative, CUUG is just having a table but 
COSG (Calgary Open Source Group) is having a  booth.

 From my point of view, I would like to see COSSFest a success and a 
booth is a lesser priority.  If we can swing it great, if we can't then 
that is alright as well.

Future point of consideration, Nov 6/7 - that is a Tue/Wed, we have been 
offered a booth at the Telus Convention Centre (Hi-Tech Career Fair).  
Some say too much too soon, but I guess in for an ounce, in for a 
pound.  I intend to go, but the scale of what we do will depend on the 
level of group participation.  This of course is even further down the 
priority list.

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