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bogi khangyi at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 29 08:27:54 PDT 2007

Thinking of your problem, why don,t you use OoO and save your document in rtf 
format and change the extension to .doc by hand. The prof will never 
notice :-) and your formatting will most likely survive intact. It also helps 
to use some standard font types that you would know would be available in 
both systems, font replacement is likely the biggest problem when it comes to 
formating. You might also want to grab the win32 ttf package from SF, 
non-free, but available free of charge , it contains a bunch of fonts. I 
think there is a package in both debian and ubuntu that contains equivalent 
fonts. Unfortunately , due to the different font names, they will still 
suffer from font replacement issues. Now i wonder if font encapsulation is 
supported by both OoO and Ms systems, at that, you can just use your free 
fonts, and encapsulate them with your document, that should eliminate font 

On June 28, 2007 16:49, Jesse Kline wrote:
> > Not sure entirely how relevant this is, but try:
> >
> > http://grover.open2space.com/node/154
> That's an interesting article. Nice work Shawn! However, my issue is that
> I've had a couple professors that require submissions in Word documents.
> This pisses me off because it is a proprietary format and because I don't
> use MS Office, so there's no guarantee that my formatting will convert
> correctly. This can be fairly critical when I'm required to submit a paper
> of a certain length and in a certain style. I'm looking for some good
> articles to throw at them in the hopes of changing this policy.
> Thank you,
> Jesse
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