[clug-talk] Offsite Backup Solutions - What are you doing?

Dave Watkins dave at abacustechnologies.ca
Wed Jun 27 09:15:15 PDT 2007

Hi All,

I've just started looking at various offsite backup solutions for a couple
of clients and have been surprised at the pricing offered by some providers.
One provider quoted me $3900.00 to store 15GB of data initially with all the
backups and services I'd like. 

Basically, I have 2 clients in particular that would like to have the

1. store data off site
2. incremental backup nightly
3. ability to search/recover previous versions of a specific file
4. data recovery tool should be relatively simple
5. cost effective

My questions are:

1. What solution are you using presently?

2. What led you to chose that solution?
	a. Pros

	b. Cons

3. Is your solution a commercial vendor or one you host yourself?

4. What are the costs involved?
	a. initial setup

	b. monthly charges

	c. "incident" fees ie: I need help finding x.

	d. other

5. Is there an OSS solution that is reliable, robust and easily administered
by the end user?

6. Any other comments/suggestions?

For those of you that would like to remain anonymous you can always email me
directly if you like. I'll compile the results and post them to the list in
a generic format with all the identifiers removed if there is a desire for
such a compilation.


Dave Watkins

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