[clug-talk] Did shaw shut down external ports?

Nick Wiltshire nick at customdesigns.ca
Tue Jun 19 18:43:15 PDT 2007

Further clarification...

This does not affect my connection -- I'm not sure if it has to do with my 
business account or the fact that I'm on a static IP (they can be had 
separately AFAIK). I can send outbound on port 25 no problem.

After I moved at the beginning of may I was briefly on a regular dynamic IP 
and it was blocked. THIS is Shaws policy. If you are on a business plan and 
your port 25 is being filtered, it's an error and you should call them. If 
you need to send out on port 25, get a business connection. If you choose to 
use Shaw's server, phone and bitch every time it so much as hesitates. It's 
not like they don't have the money to fix it, they just haven't heard enough 
whining yet.

The problem Shaw is trying to end is where their entire subnet gets put on an 
RBL. That happens because of spam bots, who are almost invariably on a 
residential connection. When the subnet gets put on an RBL, being able to 
send on port 25 does as much good as being able to drive your car out of the 
garage to find out someone put stop sticks on your driveway.

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 18:58, sgrover wrote:
> Just one note of clarification here...
> Your arguments are primarily directed at those running servers on their
> residential lines.  However a number of the folks who have responded are
> on business connections (to the Internet - to avoid any confusion.. :).
> If one were running a server on a residential service where personal
> servers are not expected (though they are tolerated to some degree),
> then yes, you need to jump through the hoops to make this work.
> However, those of us who pay for business service - where running our
> own servers are the norm - then being forced to use a smarthost via
> Shaw's mail server, or jump through such hoops should not be tolerated.
>   Afterall, we have paid for the right to run our own servers and take
> responsibility for them.
> This is a little off topic as the general mail server discussion is
> still applicable (and I'm learning a few things), but my point still
> stands.
> Shawn
> Kevin Anderson wrote:
> > Reliability is a different issue than being asked to use a server.  One
> > that should be complained about if it isn't stellar.  Having said that,
> > this does not affect Business Class services, so if you're running your
> > own Mail, NNTP, HTTP, DNS, etc, perhaps you aren't really choosing
> > what's best for yourself anyway.
> >
> > If you care about TLS, and encryption, you likely aren't affected,
> > because you won't be using port 25 anyway.  You'll be using secure SMTP,
> > or connecting via VPN, or whatever else.
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