[clug-talk] Printer / Scanner recommendations

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Sat Jun 9 22:01:49 PDT 2007

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The only combo unit I have had success with recently is my HP PSC 1500
Unfortunately it is an inkjet, but since I rarely print (and when I do I
send it to the duplex HP2200).  It works well under Linux as both a
printer and a scanner.

On the vendor side, Memory express lets you return things if they are
not Linux compatible.  At least that has been my experience over the years.

sgrover wrote:
> I'm looking for any recommendations of a printer, scanner, or combo unit 
> that will work well with Linux.
> I will not consider an ink jet at all, so it must be a laser printer.  I 
> would consider a color laser, but I'm aiming for the $200 - $300 range, 
> or cheaper.  Though I might be willing to spend a bit more if the unit 
> is REALLY good, and is "stupid simple" to set up on Linux.
> I just tried out a Samsung SCX-4200, with only partial success.  This is 
> a printer/scanner/copier unit.  I was able to get printing working, and 
> copying (cuz there's no computer interface needed for that), but 
> scanning was an utter failure.  So much so that I think I need to purge 
> sane/xsane from my system outright, then reinstall them - or rebuild my 
> box from scratch.  I blogged about my experience: 
> http://grover.open2space.com/node/160.  Funny thing is that the unit is 
> marked as "Perfectly compatible" on the linuxprinting.org site.  Must be 
> just the printing part of it.  (I returned the unit...)
> I do not NEED a scanner/printer in a single unit.  I'm willing to treat 
> them separately.  I'll rarely ever use a scanner, but do have a project 
> in the next while that needs a bit of scanning work.
> Also, I need recommendations where to find said printer/scanner. 
> Staples, Future Shop, Memory Express, all have rather limited options, 
> and most of them are not well regarded on linuxprinting.org.
> Thanks for any input.
> Shawn
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