[clug-talk] Dell_Puts_Ubuntu_Machines_on_Main_Page

Jim Hribnak hribnak at nucleus.com
Tue Jun 5 15:55:05 PDT 2007

Check this out http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/07/06/05/145238.shtml

Looks like Dell is not going to give Hardware support for their laptops with
Ubuntu on them.  Man how things change in a hurry

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This is a Digg article, DELL is sure making waves with their Ubuntu Desktop 
and Laptop offers. Shame you can't get them in Canada ...



Ps: You would have to note, Ununtu website : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ 
is advertising DELL, and the above mentioned configurations too, I would
to note the the Ubuntu guy was wearing a DELL t-sheart  just before the
went online. And Now DELL Is putting their Ubuntu Offering right on the
page. I just hope they will be happy they did. 

PPs.: I am extra happy, because DELL went with something as free as ubuntu, 
and did not go for some other more not-so-free distribution of Linux. I am 
also delighted that their Linux installed shipments are about $100 or so 
cheaper , mirroring the fact that Ubunto is free , and they pass this on to 
the customers. Now only if you could get this offering in Canada ....

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