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Evan Cortens evan.cortens at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 08:23:21 PDT 2007

Hello All,

I am the friend that Jesse was speaking of who was having Tomcat trouble.

(For the record, I'm using Debian Etch, kernel 2.6.16)

Thank you all for your help! I was able to get Tomcat up and running...
turns out my problem was that it wasn't properly finding the JDK. Since
Debian has a bias against non-free software, it automatically was choosing a
different JDK, but when I manually told it to use the Sun JDK (using
update-alternatives, as specified in that one Ubuntu tutorial), it worked
just fine.

The app I was trying to set up was Orbeon Forms... and even though I was
able to get Tomcat running (and properly deploying other apps), I couldn't
for the life of me get Orbeon to work. After stepping through the logs and
working with google a bit, I was able to determine that when TOMCAT_SECURITY
is set to yes (as is the default) in /etc/default/tomcat5.5, tomcat seems to
ignore the Class-Path setting in the MANIFEST.MF file inside the main jar (
ops.jar). As a result, it wasn't able to find Xerces, a critical library. It
seems this is an issue that is specific to Tomcat > 5 and JBOSS >
4.0.2(which uses some Tomcat code, hence the similar behaviour).

Anyway, it's up and running now. Thanks again for your help!

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