[clug-talk] Hardware raid monitoring?

Martin Glazer linux at glazer.ca
Mon Jul 30 15:55:14 PDT 2007

Thanks for the suggestions...

I had some hope for SMART tools, but it looks like the Intel SRCS28X is 
unsupported (or any Intel boards at the moment).

Also, /proc/mdstat gives absolutely nothing, besides
Personalities :
unused devices: <none>

I'm pretty surprised that their is no way of monitoring this though...


Martin Glazer wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm running a server with an Intel hardware raid controller using 4 SATA 
> drives (raid 5 + hotspare). It is using the megaraid driver.
> Is there any way to monitor the health of the raid - I would like 
> notification (email, syslog) if the raid gets degraded?
> I did a test by pulling one of the drives - the machine started beeping 
> like crazy, but there was absolutely nothing in my syslog files or even 
> in dmesg. This is concerning if nobody is near the machine and so 
> doesn't hear the beeping...
> Thanks
> Martin
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