[clug-talk] Ubuntu upgrade questions

sgrover sgrover at open2space.com
Sun Jul 29 12:42:42 PDT 2007

Turns out this was rather easy.

Backed up the /home folder for the user.  Then when the new system was 
in place, copied the ./kde/share/config/khistory file to the same 
location on the new box.  Also moved .kde/share/apps/kcookiejar (? may 
not have that file name right) to the corresponding location on the new 
box.  Konqueror appears to be working the same as it ever has on the old 


sgrover wrote:
> I'm about to wipe a drive that currently has Kubuntu dapper on it (or is 
> it edgy??).  I'm intending on putting Feisty on there, and need to get 
> it configured to play music, videos, etc.  So, I have a few questions on 
> this:
> 1. Has anyone tried the "Ultimate Ubuntu" distro?  I hear it is designed 
> to address these multimedia capabilities by default.  Failing that, 
> anyone have any suggestions other than the usual Feisty configs?  (which 
> to be honest aren't that bad...)
> 2.  The fellow currently using the box only wants one thing saved - the 
> history of his browsing sessions.  He selects the URLs from the address 
> bar (i.e. type in clug and it pops up http://www.clug.ca as an option to 
> be selected).  (Yep, he's a novice user and hasn't quite figured out 
> favorites/bookmarks yet.. :).  So I should be able to do this if I just 
> copy across his .kde directory right?  If it helps, the box will 
> primarily be used for web browsing.
> 3. iPod support would be good too.  Any tips here?  The last time I 
> tried with Edgy it didn't go so well...
> Thanks for any tips.
> Shawn
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